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Best Picture Video Maker Tools of 2021 That You Must Try

Best Picture Video Maker Tools of 2021 That You Must Try

NewsTekno - Be it for professional or personal use; video editing has become more important than ever before. If you are under the impression that the best video editors are for professionals, you are mistaken. Video editing is not just a tool for full-time editors but also for social media influencers. If you have a good social media reach or have a YouTube channel, knowing how to use a video editor is most important.

From Instagram to professional applications, there is a huge range of options with different sets of features. It doesn’t matter what purpose it solves. What is important is that you know how to use a video editor, even if it means editing a video shot on your friend’s mobile phone. So, if you are new to editing and wish to know which one is the best, we will discuss a few options with their top features in this article. You can pick one that suits your requirement.

1. Lightworks

Whenever you ask, see, or search for the best video editors, Lightworks is one name that will always crop up. It is one of the most used and probably one of the best video editors in the market. You get the free version of this tool that’s equipped with a lot of features. Although you get a lot of things in this, the highlight of Lightworks is still its intuitive and easy to understand user interface. This makes it popular because you won’t face a problem even if you are not an expert.

Features of Lightworks

  • It is available for Linux, Windows, and Mac, making it a uniform tool for every platform. Whatever operating system you use, this tool can be run on any of them.
  • You get a feature-loaded free version and a pro version that has everything you need for your different video editing problems.
  • It offers high-quality functions that help in precise, fast and professional-like video editing trim.
  • One of the best features of this tool is its speed optimization. With fast and precise editing features, it also allows the user some added optimization. In this, a person can keep editing their video even while uploading your video.
2. HitFilm Express

If you are looking for a professional tool that also gives you tutorials on “how to use a particular feature”, then HitFilm Express is a great option. The main components of this tool include video and audio translation, creating and editing videos. With so many features installed, it is also one of the best video makers in the market. Here are a few important features of HitFilm Express.

Features of HitFilm Express

  • HitFilm Express has a very exciting feature that includes motion tracking, cropping, and color picking.
  • This tool is created for Mac and Windows.
  • There are several transition options like dissolve, crop, and push that you can use for editing.
  • You can create a track of unlimited soundtracks and videos.
  • One of the best features of HitFilm Express is the auto-stabiliser mode that can help in making shaky videos look smooth.
3. InVideo

An intuitive and interesting picture video maker tool in the market is InVideo. It is a cloud-based tool deployment system that helps in retrieving your data whenever you want. They have monthly as well as yearly payments to make it easier for the user to choose. This picture video maker tool offers different plans and it includes unlimited stock videos and images, HD videos per month, and more than 5000 templates that can be customized as per your need.


  • It has an easy to understand user interface.
  • You can easily upload audio and video files.
  • It is easier for image and video management and clears the clutter on this tool.
  • There are good features like text-overlay, the inclusion of HD resolution, voice-over, and much more.
4. OpenShot

True, there are many video editors available in the market, but a go-to editor is hard to find. This go-to editing tool is free, easy to understand and use. More importantly, it has a smooth UI which makes working on the tool enjoyable. OpenShot has a lot of amazing features and frame stepping, credit scrolling being its USP. Even in the free version, you get some interesting features like real-time reviews. This wasn’t enough for the creators, so they also included time mapping and audio editing in the free version.

Features of OpenShot

  • Not every tool has this feature, but on OpenShot, you get unlimited layers of watermarks. There are unlimited audio tracks that can be used and background videos to pick from. 
  • You also get a lot of templates for the title card. On OpenShot, you can customise these templates according to your need.
  • A very helpful and great feature offered by OpenShot includes the drag-and-drop function. This feature can be used for audio, videos, as well as image files. 
  • One can use OpenShot on Linux, Mac, and Windows.
  • This tool also offers animation capabilities for powerful key-frames. 


Content has always played an important role in business and other areas. But the way of presenting content has been evolving and changing. In today’s world, video content has picked up the pace, and that’s going to be the future. So, learning and becoming a professional video editor using any of these four editors can be a great choice. You can work on their free versions and see which among them suits you the best. [] 

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